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Is surgery painful?

No, surgery is pain-free. However, we have the modern pain medication given to the cat before surgery and after surgery to avoid discomfort for the cat.

Does a cat also need vaccination like humans?

Yes as it will increase cat’s immunity toward diseases.

Why do I need to neuter my cat?

Depends. However, by neutering, it will help in preventing diseases of uterus, ovaries and testes. Neutering not just focusing on stopping the male cat from mating with the female cat


How’s the condition of my cat after surgery?

Your cat’s life will go back to normal with their normal activity 3-5 days after the surgery.

How do I know if my cat is ill?

You can track based on their behavior. They are usually inactive, sudden mood changes, vomiting or diarrhea, changes in appetite, changes of weight and many more. Hence, it is important to bring your cat for a health check-up.

What is the simplest way to know if my cat is pregnant?

You could tell by looking at the nipples. Normally, if the cat is 15-18 days pregnant, you will notice it’s enlarged and red.

Can I use human’s toothpaste for my cat?

No! Human’s toothpaste contains ingredients that aren’t supposed to be swallowed by the cat. You need to use a pet toothpaste.

What is a Welfare Card?

Welfare card is Klinik Veterinar Dr Hawa’s welfare effort helping cats to get an immunization injection to prevent any disease such as flu and parvovirus.

What is ‘Parvovirus’?

Parvovirus can cause death. This virus will harm a cat’s digestive system which will cause diarrhea, vomit, and losing appetite. Parvovirus usually attacks cats under 6months old and has never been vaccinated.

Parvovirus treatment.

There is no special treatment for this virus. Doctor will provide supportive treatment and immunization to help the cat to fight the virus.

How much is the flu treatment cost?

The cost treatment starting from RM45 and above.

How much is the treatment cost at Klinik Veterinar Dr Hawa?

Depending on the cat condition and it can be discussed with the Doctor during the consultation session.

How much is the consultation fee?

The fee starts as low as RM5 and depending on the cat condition.

Are there any terms and conditions for the vaccine? And how much is the price?

If you are a member of Klinik Veterinar Dr Hawa, vaccination will only cost you RM19. Your cat must be healthy, 3months old and the weight must be 1kg in order to get vaccinated. If a cat is found to be sick, it needs to be treated before getting the vaccine.

How much is the cost for neutering/spaying and are there any problems?

The cost for spaying is RM98 and neutering is RM48. All the prices included in the package of stay at Klinik Veterinar Dr Hawa for 2days and 1night.
In order to get your cat neutered/spayed, the cat weight must be 2.5kg and is 6months old and above. The cat needs to be healthy. As for female cats, it needs to be spayed only after 2months of getting birth. The cat can only be spayed after at least 2months of getting birth because the cat is like a human, the cat uterus needs to be healed first.

Can I get my cat vaccinated and neuter/spay at the same time?

The cat only can be neuter/spayed after a week of getting a vaccine. However, please book an appointment to get your cat and yourself a time slot.

Why is the medicine for cat fleas expensive?

The medicine that is being used at Klinik Veterinar Dr Hawa is a high quality medicine. It can treat any kind of fleas on the cat including the fleas inside the cat’s ear and even the worm in the cat’s liver. Not all of the fleas can be seen through our naked eyes.

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