Tailored Care, Tail-Wagging Results

Discover the purr-fect range of services that pamper your beloved feline companions.

Vet Consultation

Comprehensive Feline Wellness Checkup

Gain peace of mind with our thorough cat health assessment. Our expert veterinarians evaluate your cat's well-being, address concerns, and answer your questions.


Shield Your Cat with Essential Vaccination

Protect your feline companion from diseases like FPV, FHV-1, and FCV with our state-of-the-art vaccines, ensuring their vibrant, disease-free life.


Spay/Neuter for a Healthier, Happier Cat

Choose responsibility with our spay/neuter service, preventing unwanted litters and reducing cancer and behavioral risks. Plus, enjoy a free 2-day & 1-night stay for your cat!

Dental Procedures

Radiant Smiles for Your Feline Companion

Maintain your cat's dental health with professional cleaning, extractions, and treatments, safeguarding their overall well-being.


Picture-Perfect Grooming Services

Spoil your cat with grooming services, from brushing to nail trimming, keeping them clean and comfortable.


Cutting-Edge Cat Care with Ultrasound

Experience advanced veterinary diagnostics with non-invasive ultrasound, offering gentle and precise insights into your cat's health.

Laser Treatment

Heal and Relieve with Laser Therapy

Opt for non-invasive laser therapy to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing for various conditions in your cat.


Precise Surgical Solutions

Trust our expertise for routine and complex procedures, restoring your cat's health and happiness.

Blood Test

Comprehensive Cat Health Assessment

Unlock your cat's well-being secrets with in-depth blood tests, providing insights into overall health, organ function, and infectious diseases.

Rapid Test

Swift Diagnosis with Rapid Testing

Speed up your cat's diagnosis with rapid tests for conditions like FPV, FeLV + FIV, Toxoplasma, Giardia & FIP Immunocomb Test.

X-Ray Imaging

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging with X-Rays

Our cutting-edge X-ray technology diagnoses fractures, organ issues, and foreign objects, providing vital health information for your cat.


Convenient At-Home Veterinary Visits

Eliminate clinic stress with our housecall service, bringing quality veterinary care to your doorstep for your cat's comfort.